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Oregon Statewide Wildfire Hazard Map

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The statewide wildfire hazard map identifies levels of wildfire hazard to help improve the safety and well-being of communities across the state. The map will allow individuals, state agencies, Tribes and organizations to make informed choices to reduce the impacts of wildfire and also improve future wildfire response efforts. 

The statewide wildfire hazard map will be publicly available on Oregon Explorer, which serves as a place for Oregonians to access mapping tools and resources relevant to natural resources decision making in the state. Since 2007, the Oregon Explorer, a partnership between the Institute of Natural Resources at Oregon State University and OSU Libraries and Press, has been a public source of geospatial data and wildfire risk information used in state, regional and local risk management applications.

The statewide wildfire hazard map and homeowner reports are currently unavailable while the map is being updated. The maps presented at the Oregon Explorer link are from the 2018 Quantitative Wildfire Risk Assessment and the rest of this site is still ready for you to explore.

See Understand the Map for more details on what information is included in the map and how scientists at Oregon State University developed this tool to support wildfire programs and planning.