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Oregon Statewide Wildfire Hazard Map

Oregon Wildfire Program Partners

In 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 762, a comprehensive wildfire preparedness and resiliency bill to help Oregon be better prepared to meet the increased wildfire threat. To rise to the challenge wildfire poses to Oregonians, several state agencies are working in coordination with local and federal partners to improve wildfire preparedness. These efforts aim to give people and communities the tools and knowledge to be better protected against wildfire. 

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  • Increasing the resiliency of Oregon's landscapes
  • Statewide Wildfire Hazard Map Rulemaking Advisory Committee
  • Wildfire Hazard Categorization appeals
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  • The science behind the Statewide Wildfire Hazard Map
  • Technical details on hazard classification
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  • Developing safe and effective wildfire response
  • Creating defensible space and defensible space code
  • Reduce wildfire risk to communities through fire adaptation programs
  • Home hardening code
  • Building codes related to wildfire hazard
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  • Insurance related to wildfire
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Wildfire Resources at Oregon State University

Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Fire Program 

The OSU Extension Service Fire Program uses education, outreach, and boundary spanning partnerships to foster the resiliency of communities and landscapes to wildfire. A team of six wildland fire specialists helps seek regionally relevant solutions that make sense in the diverse ecological and social contexts of their areas. The Extension Fire Program is a source of non-regulatory, science-based information and assistance related to fire ecology, community wildfire preparedness, landscape resilience, social-organizational processes, and educational design.  

Oregon Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) Planning Tool 

Hosted on the Oregon Explorer, the Oregon CWPP Planning Tool serves professional planners to inform updates to Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) and Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans (NHMP), with extensive data resources, detailed summaries, and full wildfire risk inventory reports. 

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